8 min, 2019
DCP-4K, 24 fps, dolby 5.1

Production format: RED video
Techniques used: single frame editing of image and sound
Screening format: DCP-4K

Concept, Direction, Animation, Music, Actor, Producer: Thomas Renoldner
Camera: Ludwig Löckinger
Sound recording: Adnan Popovic
Set assistent: Sophia Egger-Karlegger
Sound-design, color grading: Andi Haller

Financial support:
Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery of Austria,
Division for Arts and Culture)
State Government of Upper Austria - Cultural Dept.

Thanks to:
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Photo Laboratory - for the studio
Media Laboratory - for camera and light
Animation Laboratory - for editing equipment

Slogans, Synopis(es), Critics, etc.

...different versions for your choice...

a slapstick avantgarde film

...when art and entertainement clash...
How much entertainement is possible in avantgarde film, and how much experimentation in animation ?
version 1 - descriptive:
Employing the method of single frame editing, primarily focused on sound, the realistic film image transforms into a surreal, structuralist and finally even abstract film. It creates a musical composition while experimenting with the human voice and transforming language into sound and music. DONT KNOW WHAT questions classical rules of different film genres by combining elements of avant-garde film / video art and entertainment cinema.
version 2 - personal:
In DONT KNOW WHAT I explore the possibilities of single frame editing of SOUND+IMAGE of a live action video. My voice and my body are the central tools for this exploration. I transform language into music, turn my voice into a drum machine, and my body becomes a surreal fantasy with a dozen of arms and impossibly wild movements. The main reason to make this film was to enjoy myself and to celebrate, that I can talk and move my body.
version 3 - genre-analytic:
DONT KNOW WHAT combines elements of mainstream cinema, like an entertaining dramaturgy or slapstick-like effects with strategies of avant-garde cinema or video art, like formal and aesthetic reduction of the imagery, extrem short-cut technique and sound experiments. The audience is then left to find their way between humor and seriousness in this strange "genre-hybrid".
Max Hattler, Annegret Richter, Tomek Ducki
Anifilm Festival Jury 2019
Justification for Special Mention

The special mention in the abstract and non - narrative animation category goes to a film which dares the unthinkable, an pulls it off to surprising effect: The marriage of high-brow and humour, form and farce, amusement and avant-garde.
Phil Mulloy, Vessela Dantcheva, Gerben Schermer
Turku Animation Festival Jury, August 2019
Justification for TOUGH EYE AWARD

For a film that returns to the original impulses of cinema, that of creating both magic and humour. For its boldness of concept and simplicity of means, the jury awarded the Tough Eye prize to Dont know what by Thomas Renoldner.
Emily Pelstring, Piotr Bosacki, Eva Cvijanovic
Ottawa Animation Festival Jury, September 2019
Justification for GRAND PRIZE for Short Animation

For its impeccably executed, playful exploration of the animated form, but not only that - it also stands out as a piece of art.
Piotr Kardas
Justification for Special Mention
STOPTRIK Festival Lodz, October 2019

Not often an experimental film can amuse an audience. Even more rarely, an artist experimenting with the medium has a distance to himself and his art. Thomas Renoldner did it perfectly! Captivating lightness and precision of workmanship. A friendly shake hands with the contemporary viewer, and at the same time an intelligent dialogue with the history of experimental cinema. Contrary to the title DON'T KNOW WHAT knows perfectly well what it is doing!
Oliwia Nadarzycka, Michalina Majewska, Jakub Zawodniak
Student Jury at STOPTRIK Festival Lodz, October 2019
Justification for Short Film Award – Borderlands Competition

For maximum content with minimum material. For the minimal composition of the frame and the maximum creation of meanings. For exploring the boundaries of the medium and showing its capabilities.
Edmunds Jansons
Justification for Special Mention
ANIMATEKAFESTIVAL, Ljubljana, November 2019

The playful way in which the author observes such fundamental things as time, space and movement gives me a feeling that we as humans still have some hope.
Michelle Koch
Catalogue / Film Archive - DIAGONALE, Festival of Austrian Film, 2019)
A man gazes into the camera, breaths, speaks, and blinks. In playfully formal austerity, Thomas Renoldner explores the borders of the cinematic genre. Real film becomes stop-motion, language a hammering noise staccato. The film draws comical and intellectual potential from the transformation of organic movements and sounds into mechanical ones, from the dissolution of the world into abstraction and rhythm.

Die Nahaufnahme eines Mannes, der frontal in die Kamera blickt, atmet, spricht, blinzelt. Mit minimalistischem Setting in Schwarz-Weiß und reduzierter Handlung lotet Thomas Renoldner die Grenzen zwischen Unterhaltungs- und experimentell-strukturellem Film aus. In spielerischer Formstrenge werden Bewegungen und Töne angehalten, rückwärts abgespielt, in einzelne Segmente zerteilt und im Kurzschnittverfahren neu synthetisiert - auf den Kopf gestellt. Es ist die technische Transformation von organischen Bewegungen und Lauten in mechanische, aus denen DONT KNOW WHAT sein komisches wie intellektuelles Potenzial bezieht: Aus Realfilm wird Stop-Motion und schwarz-weißes Flickern, aus Sprache hämmerndes Klangstakkato, das an das Rattern eines Filmprojektors erinnert. Die Auflösung der Welt in Abstraktion und Rhythmus..


DIAGONALE - Festival of Austrian Film - March 2019, Graz (A) - Competition: Innovative Cinema
GLAS - Int. Animation Film Festival - March 2019, Berkeley (USA) - International Competition
CROSSING EUROPE - Filmfestival - April 2019, Linz (A) - 'Local Artists' Competition
FLATPACK Festival - April/May 2019, Birmingham (UK) - International Competition: (programme: Sound Bite)
ANIFILM - Int. Animation Film Festival - May 2019, Trebon (CZ) - International Competition: abstract and non-narrative animation
     SPECIAL JURY MENTION - (Jury: Annegret Richter, Max Hattler, Tomek Ducki)
ANIMAFEST - World Festival of Animated Film - June 2019, Zagreb (HR) - International Competition
ANNECY - Int. Animation Film Festival - June 2019, Annecy (F) - International Competition: Off Limits
     OFF LIMITS AWARD - (Jury: Dean Deblois, Antonio Canobbio, Virginia Mori)
     "Best of Annecy 2019" - tour
FEST ANCA - Int. Animation Film Festival - June 2019, Zilina (SK) - International Competition
ANIMATOR - Int. Animation Film Festival - June 2019, Poznan (SK) - International Panorama
ANIMA MUNDI - Int. Animation Film Festival - July 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo (BR) - International Competition
INSOMNIA - Int. Animation Film Festival - July 2019, Kaluga, Moscow (RU) - International Competition
ANIMAFEST CYPRUS - Int. Animation Film Festival - July 2019, Salamiou, Platanistia (CYP) - International Competition
TAFF - Int. Animation Film Festival - August 2019, Turku (FIN) - International Competition
     TOUGH EYE AWARD - (Jury: Vessela Dantcheva, Gerben Schermer, Phil Mulloy)
LINOLEUM - Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media Art - September 2019, Kyiv (UA) - Experimental Animation and Video Art Program
PIAFF - Paris Int. Animation Film Festival - Sept. 2019, Paris (FR) - International Competition
TIRANA - Int. Film Festival - Sept. 2019, Tirana (AL) - Int. Competition - Video Art & Experimental
ENCOUNTERS - Int. Short Film & Animation Festival - Sept. 2019, Bristol (UK) - International Competition
OIAF - Ottawa Int. Animation Festival - September 2019, Ottawa (CAN) - International Competition - Abstract & Non-Narrative
     THE NELVANA GRAND PRIZE FOR INDEPENDENT SHORT ANIMATION - (Jury: Emily Pelstring, Piotr Bosacki, Eva Cvijanovic)
     "Best of Ottawa 2019" - tour
BIT BANG FEST - Int. Animation, Videogames + Digital Art Festival - Sept. 2019, Buenos Aires (AR) - International Competition
BOLTON - Film Festival - Oct. 2019,Bolton (UK) - International Competition - Experimental
STOPTRIK - Int. Animation Film Festival - Oct. / Nov. 2019, Maribor (SL) / Lodz (PL) - International Competition - The Borderlands
    MARIBOR AUDIENCE GRAND PRIX - The Borderlands Competition
    MARIBOR STUDENT JURY AWARD - The Borderlands Competition
    LODZ AUDIENCE GRAND PRIX - The Borderlands Competition
    LODZ STUDENT JURY AWARD - The Borderlands Competition
    SPECIAL MENTION - from Piotr Kardas
SITGES - Int. Festival of Fantastic Film - Sept. 2019, Sitges (ES) - International Competition
ANIMATOU - Int. Animation Film Festival - October 2019, Geneva (CH) - International Competition - Best Experimental Short
INTERMEDIACIONES - Muestra de Videoarte y Video Experimental - Medellin (CO) - International Showcase
ANIMA - Cordoba Int. Animation Film Festival - October 2019, Cordoba (AR) - International Competition
TAICHUNG - Int. Animation Film Festival - October 2019, Taichung (TW) - Special programme: Music in Animation
BIG CARTOON FESTIVAL - Oct. / Nov. 2019,Moscow (RU) - Special audience award programme: Winners
KUANDU - Int. Animation Film Festival - October 2019, Kuandu (TW) - International Competition
REANIMANIA - Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival - Oct. 2019,Yerevan (AM) - International Competition
INTERFILM - Int. Kurzfilmfestival - Oct. 2019, Berlin (DE) - International 'EJECT' Competition & Program 'Experiments'
NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT Int. Animation Film Film Festival - Nov. 2019, Chitose (JP) - International Competition
CINANIMA - Int. Animation Film Festival - Nov. 2019, Espinho (PT) - International Competition
ISTANBUL EXPERIMENTAL - Int. Film Festival - Nov, 2019, Istanbul (TR) - International Competition
KABOOM - Int. Animation Film Festival - Nov.2019, Amsterdam (NL) - International Competition
ETIUDA & ANIMA - Int. Film Festival - Nov, 2019, Krakow (PL) - International Competition
PÖFF - Black Nights -Int. Short Film & Animation Festival - Nov, 2019, Tallinn (EE) - International Competition
FLENSBURGER KURZFILMTAGE - November, 2019, Flensburg (DE) - International Panorama
LONDON - Int. Animation Film Festival - Nov./Dec. 2019, London (UK) - International Competition
ANIMASIVO - Int. Animation Film Festival - Nov./Dec. 2019, Mexico City (MX) - International Competition
TINDIRINDIS - Int. Animation Film Festival - December 2019, Vilnius (LT) - International Competition
ANILOGUE - Int. Animation Film Festival - Nov./Dec. 2019, Budapest (HU) - International Competition
    SPECIAL MENTION - from Janno Pöldma
ANIMATEKAFESTIVAL - Int. Animation Film Festival - December 2019, Ljubljana (SL) - International Competition
    SPECIAL MENTION - from Edmunds Jansons
MUMIA - Int. Animation Film Festival - December 2019, Belo Horizonte (BR) - International Competition
PALM SPRINGS - Int. Animation Film Festival - December 2019, Palm Springs (US) - International Competition
STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER - Festival for expanded media - January 2020, Stuttgart (DE) - International Competition
COURTmaisTRASH - Brussels Independent Short Film Festival - January 2020, Brussels (BE) - International Program
47th ASIFA HOLLYWOOD - ANNIE AWARDS - January 2020, Los Angeles (US)
ANIMAC - Int. Animation Film Festival - February 2020, LLeida (ES) - International Program
BLACK MARIA FILM FESTIVAL - Tour 2020, different places (US)
VIDEOFORMES - International Digital Arts Festival - March 2020, Clermont Ferrand (FR) - International Competition
ROANNE - Int. Animation Film Festival - March 2020, Roanne (FR) - International Competition
ANN ARBOR - FILM FESTIVAL - March 2020, Ann Arbor (US) - International Competition
FESTIVAL D'UN JOUR - March 2020, Valence (FR) - Presentation
MEKNES - Int. Animation Film Festival - March 2020, Meknes (MA) - International Competition
MONSTRA - Int. Animation Film Festival - March 2020, Lisboa (PT) - International Competition
GO SHORT - Int. Short Film Festival - March 2020, Nijmegen (NL) - International Competition
REGARD - Int. Short Film Festival - March 2020, Saguenay (CA) - International Competition